The main markets in which M&M Forgings operates are: Power Gen, Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Mechanical and Heavy Industry, Boiler-works and Pressure Vessel and Shipbuilding industries.

Power Gen Sector
M&M Forgings supplies medium – large sized forgings for the hydro, gas and steam industries. It is a highly reliable partner for the main players at a worldwide level.
OIL&GAS Sector
M&M Forgings supplies “turnkey” solutions for the sector:

  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Process Equipment

M&M Forgings supplies rough-machined and completely finished forgings in A707, F22, LF2, 4140, 4330, 8630, 4130 and 4145H steels.

Nuclear Sector
M&M Forgings produces medium-large sized forgings for the nuclear market in accordance with ASME III and RCCM standards and regulations. For example: steel shells, tuyere plates, channel heads etc.
It is also HAF604 certified for the export of nuclear products to the Chinese market.
Mechanical and Heavy Industry Sector
M&M Forgings supplies rough-machined or completely finished forgings. For example:

  • Gear boxes components
  • Roller for cement industry
  • Shaft
  • Fan Shaft
  • Column
  • Press plate
  • Trounnions
  • Cylinder
  • Barrel
  • Press & Ram
  • Crane wheel
Boiler Works & Pressure Vessel Sector:
M&M Forgings supplies partly or completely finished forgings. For example:

  • Tubesheet
  • Drum Tubesheet
  • Channel cover
  • Seamless forged shell
  • Reducer
  • Forged neck flange
  • Pipe
  • Elbows
  • Self reinforced nozzle
  • Inclined nozzle
  • 3D Inlet/outlet nozzles
Shipbuilding Sector
Thanks to the experience acquired over the years M & M Forgings is able to provide shafts for the naval sector with length up to 20 meters. All products for this sector comply with the strictest regulations.