A forge with character

Forge Monchieri boasts over forty years experience in the open die forging industry. With its production capacity of up to 120 tons, it has always done the utmost to supply excellent products to its customers.

Its vast range of steel types, the use of state-of-the-art plant systems in its production processes make Forge Monchieri a benchmark enterprise on the forging supply market, guaranteeing top quality products whilst satisfying the expectations and requirements of end users.

Highest quality standards, state-of-the-art plant installations, organisational structure consisting of a managers, supervisors and qualified operators, selective control processes and certification are the core characteristics that allow the company to promptly respond to the numerous requirements of a rapidly evolving market.

The policy based on continuous improvement, growth and movement led to the project of M&M Forgings, the strategic alliance founded with the passion and dedication of two entrepreneurs, Gaia Monchieri and Andrea Mamé.

Gaia Monchieri, CEO of Forge Monchieri and CEO of M&M Forgings, is convinced that the activities exploiting common know-how such as metallurgy expertise, the R&D department,

the know-how of production processes together with the support of modern equipment and technologies, will guarantee the delivery of products with higher reliability characteristics to their customers.

Historical overview

M&M Forgings