M&M Forgings

M&M Forgings is specialised in the production of open die forging with a production capacity from 1 to 120 tons.

Thanks to the synergy between the two production plants, M&M Forgings is capable of covering the entire production chain, guaranteeing extremely high quality and complete customer satisfaction. Extensive experience, human values and an integrated production cycle make M&M Forgings the partner par excellence for the supply of products for markets such as: Power Generation, Oil&Gas, Nuclear, Mechanical and Heavy Industry, Boiler Works and Pressure Vessel and Naval industries.


M&M Forgings performs all the production phases with maximum efficacy and efficiency, focusing on the success of its own product. To achieve this, it tries to anticipate customer and market demands with continual analyses of opportunities.

Ingot incoming inspections


Heat treatment


Test & inspection


Production process