Test & inspection

To guarantee the mechanical properties and compliance with the required standards, Forge Monchieri is able to conduct a vast series of tests in-house:

Hot (800°C) and room temperatures tensile stress tests

Hot impact tests up to a maximum of – 196°C

Hardness tests (HRB, HBW, HV, HRC)



Spectrometer chemical analyses

Bending tests

Corrosion tests

Drop Weight tests

Creep tests

Low Cycle Fatigue tests

Prove di durezza

Manual and automated ultrasound tests

Magnetic tests applicable with various inspection techniques

Penetrating liquid tests

Manual dimensional and visual test

Endoscopic test

Steel anti-mixing test with portable Nitron XRF instrumentation

Heat Stability Test

3D dimensional test

In addition, a corporate policy which thrives on new technologies guarantees that the company always has state-of-the-art plant systems at its disposal.