The winning team

The M&M Forgings team is a group of professional and motivated human resources. A group of people with different characters, skills and backgrounds who work on a daily basis pursuing some fundamental aspects:

perfect awareness of the meaning of their role and their responsibility;

constant and multi-directional communication to reach quick and effective solutions;

sharing of the Vision, Mission and corporate goals and objectives;

determination and continuous collaboration striving continuously to achieve excellence.

Gaia Monchieri


Ribe Ducoli

CEO – Branches Manager

The department assigned to conducting market analysis, the launch of new communication instruments, the positioning and corporate image.

Sergio Robert

Sales Director

The quality of our sales force is what guarantees the success of our products on the market.

Alessandra Papa

Alessandra Papa

Chief HR Officer

Human resources represent the capital that M&M Forgings owns in terms of professional skills and expertise.

Giovanni Fantini

Giovanni Fantini

Chief R&D Officer

The department assigned to the study, formulation and continuous innovation of corporate products and production processes.

Michele Formentelli

Chief Quality Systems Officer – Customer care

The area dedicated to guaranteeing the same policy of ``Total Quality``, developing common work procedures and methodologies.

Luca Fontana

Luca Fontana

Chief Procurement Officer

Guarantees procurement of Raw Materials and Semi-finished products, Services and Strategic Assets for the company exploiting targeted policies.

IT Department

IT Department

IT Department

The department assigned to guarantee evolution and implementation of system technologies so as to create an integrated network.