One Stop Shop

M&M Forgings is the strategic alliance born from a business intuition for representing the centre of excellence of forging in the world.

An ambitious expansion plan aimed to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, making use of strong complementarity in terms of the range of products offered, through partners of the same supply chain or from complementary sectors that enhance the individual potentialities and cooperate in order to reinforce their competitiveness on the markets.
We are talking about solid, vital and independent companies, with a high level of knowledge, which results into forging products at the highest levels, a motivated team, high quality standards, customer care, OTD and top service, competence and availability, quality of the product.






Our sales team is made up of a solid group of people with different experiences gained in the forging and steel industry.

World-class players who operate in a globalized context, constantly orientated to meet customer’s real needs and support their growth.

Efficacy and efficiency of the sales operations is granted by a young and proactive back office team who care about POs and RFQs follow-up by assuring a professional and top-class service.

Our aim is to follow Bill Gates's motto "Every day we should ask ourselves: How can we keep this customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?”


Giovanni Fantini

Chief R&D Officer at M&M Forgings

Carlo Mapelli

Professor at Politecnico of Milano

A company without a Research & Development department (is a company which) avoids looking to the future.
M&M Forgings strongly believes that innovation is the driver of the world development and through the R&D this belief takes shape.
Often the R&D department is viewed as something independent and separate from the rest of the company but in reality, to be useful, the R&D targets have to be the same as those of marketing, business development, sales and production department.
R&D is a toll for a gradual and continuous improvement, a support in resolving concrete problems and a channel aimed at the consolidation of knowledge and development of new product and processes. Its way of working is “tailor made” to meet specific needs from worldwide customers and sectors.

Our Research & Development Department establishes partnerships with universities, technological poles, suppliers and stakeholders; works with passion and over the years has been enriched from resources, skills and instruments and is a real excellence for our company.