M&M Forgings: your strategic alliance

M&M Forgings is the strategic alliance born from the business intuition of Gaia Monchieri and Andrea Mamé and aims to represent the global centre of excellence in the forging industry.

A choice orientated on an ambitious expansion plan aimed at meeting the requirements of a constantly evolving market.


A great team at your service

The M&M Forgings team is a group of professional and motivated human resources who work on a daily basis pursuing fundamental aspects.

HR Office

Human resources represent the capital that M&M Forgings owns in terms of professional skills and expertise.

Marketing Dep.

The department assigned to conducting market analysis, the launch of new communication instruments, the positioning and corporate image.

Sales Departement

The quality of our sales force is what guarantees the success of our products on the market.

R&D Department

The department assigned to the study, formulation and continuous innovation of corporate products and production processes.

Quality System Office

The area dedicated to guaranteeing the same policy of “Total Quality” developing common work procedures and methodologies.

Purchasing office

Guarantees procurement of raw Materials and semi-finished products, services and strategic assets for the company exploiting targeted policies.

IT Departement

The department assigned to guarantee evolution and implementation of system technologies so as to create an integrated network.


Guarantees effective and efficient functioning of all the production plant and equipment, company property and environmental and safety systems.

M&M Forgings: a great team at your service DISCOVER OUR TEAM

M&M Forgings Activities

M&M Forgings bases its continuous evolution on active behaviour pursuing improvement of performance to achieve constant competitive advantage.
M&M FORGINGS focuses its attention on three core “activities”:

Production management

High priority to all processing phases and compliance with high qualitative standards allow to achieve exceptionally high quality forgings and strive to achieve excellence on the international market in the forging world.


Research and Development

The company is continuously evolving thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machinery, technologies, new materials and production processes. Research and innovation are in the DNA of M&M Forgings.


Competitive Advantages

The main competitive advantages:

    • One stop shop
    • (from 1 ton to 120 ton)
    • Finished & Tailor Made Products
    • Heart treatment up to 20m
    • Fast track/Long term agreement
    • High precision finish machining
    • Worldwide Presence
    • Cladding