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A company without comparison with Research and Development is a company that refuses to look to the future.

The Research & Development activity represents for Forge Monchieri an essential tool and an important competitive advantage, which witnesses the Company’s forefront attitude in developing new technologies and products, thus confirming its commitment for strategic growth.

A support in resolving concrete problems and a channel aimed at the consolidation of knowledge and development of new product and processes. Its way of working is “tailor made” to meet specific needs from worldwide customers and sectors.

The set of all the metallurgical skills acquired allows the direct involvement of the Customers in the projects, the development of metallurgical processes as well as numerical simulations of those processes.

Forge Monchieri develops, independently and, if necessary, in cooperation with Professor Mapelli (Professor of Metallurgy and Iron Metallurgy at “Politecnico di Milano” University) customized solutions, update activities and Operators training, management and coordination of qualifications, research and development of new productive processes.

Furthermore, studies on application and improvement of materials such as: carbon steels, high-temperature steels, austenitic inox steels, Inconel, aluminium and many other steel alloys and forging materials, are continuously carried out.

The R&D department, thanks to these continuous research activities and targets shared with marketing, business development, sales and production department allows for tailored solutions, efficient and effective for the Customer.

Main R&D projects carried out with significant results:

Chemical and thermal homogenization of the ingots;

Ingot casting optimization;

Development of transparency processes of duplex steels;

Optimization of heat treatment cycles for steels.