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Quality, safety, environment and energy policy

19 April 2022 – Rev. 08

Gaia Monchieri CEO

The Management System for Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy was designed to allow the Management to comply with its commitments, in accordance with the current legislative provisions and with the current regulations and/or applicable prescriptions, including the obligations committed with the customer. The Management is involved first hand and deems the participation of all Staff indispensable in the execution and continuous improvement of the Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Management System. As a matter of fact, achieving goals is a common responsibility for the whole Company and it involves every Function.

In order to achieve the Company’s goals, Forge Monchieri is constantly committed to:

  • Achieving economic-financial results aimed at satisfying the expectations of the Owners and of the Investors;
  • making available the adequate information and resources necessary to achieve goals and targets;
  • Putting the Customers’ expectations to the core of its activities, in accordance with their implicit and explicit needs, as well as with their applicable requirements. Full Customer Satisfactions the main indicator of the Company’s successalso in relation with the Offer from Top Competitors;;
  • Safeguarding health and safety of its own employees as a primary value, applying all the necessary measures to prevent wounds, injuries and/or professional diseases;
  • Forming the Staff, in the ways provided for by the Law and by the Management System, about risk-evaluation, prevention and protection measures and statistical results of injury analysis, so as to increase their awareness and facilitate the safe execution of their tasks;
  • Preventing and correcting dangerous situations, pointing them out and systematically implementing a root cause analysis;
  • Promoting at any level, even through the adoption of recognition systems, a sense of responsibility towards environmental protection, in order to decrease the environmental impact caused by the carrying out of productive processes and services, in line with the scientific-technological progress and with costs;
  • in a context of sustainable development, defining goals aimed at reducing water consumption, reducing/correct managing the waste produced and decreasing in energy consumption;
  • promoting the continuous improvement of energy performance and energy consumption and support the supply of energy efficient systems, products and services;
  • supporting the development activities of production processes that take into account the improvement of the energy performance;
  • improving skills, motivation and commitment of the Staff in order to increase the competitive aspect of the Company, to guarantee effective and efficient processes;
  • Respecting diversity (culture, ethnicity, skin colour, race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, identity and/or gender expression, handicap, instruction), by safeguarding a work environment without any discrimination and harassment or any kind of excessive or disrespectful behaviour.