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Worrying about the condition of our Planet has become nowadays an essential asset for our Company. For some time, sustainability has become an integral part of the overall strategy; it is a way to grasp new growth opportunities and a way to create value.
We work daily to reach the strategic goals in the environmental and social field, with the intention of heading into a more sustainable and innovative future.


Some of the initiatives:

Plastic free project: with the aim at taking care of our planet, from 1 January 2019 the project took shape through the removal, within the company, of plastic bottles and the implementation of canteens together with the installation of points of water supply. A choice that will reward everyone, because a world without waste is possible if we all strive to be more collaborative.

WHP Project – Workplace Health Promotion:the Company promotes health and commits itself to build an environment which favours the adoption of behaviours and choices which are positive for health, in its own interest and in that of the employees and of the community.

Collaboration with«Tassara-Ghislandi» High School: a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Forge Monchieri and the local High School. The main goal is to create a Technical- Professional Pole of the Steel Industry aimed at satisfying the needs of the local realities.

Crucifixus: Forge Monchieri becomes the stage of Crucifixus, a play out of the “Festival di Primavera”, “Il Forgiatore di Uomini (The Men Forgemaster)”,written by Claudio Bernardi and played by Luciano Bertoli.